We help large companies to improve interaction with their customers through everyday support for managing their conversations. With this goal, Worldline provides omnichannel solutions which are easy to use, ergonomic and customisable.


Save time and enhance performance thanks to our portfolio of agile end-to end solutions.


All Worldline solutions have built-in bank-grade security and comply with GDPR and other regulations.


WL Contact

Enhance the way you communicate with your customers using Worldline’s Omnichannel Cloud Contact Centre solution that provides everyday support in managing customer interactions. We do this by operating omnichannel solutions that are ergonomic and customisable. We have 20,000 agents simultaneously working within our contact centres, taking around 2.2bn calls, and more than 300 people dedicated to this solution and customer support.
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Conversational messaging solution

Offering support in conversational management our solution helps large organisation in creating a strong relationship with end users by improving dialogue with clients and enhancing customer experience. WL Messaging conversational Platform has been designed to help you reach your customers anywhere anytime thanks to its multichannel approach and strong focus on innovation.
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Mobile Solutions & Services

Is your business sufficiently agile in the mobile sphere? Worldline has the key capabilities to define, build and manage the lifecycle of mobile projects for both end-to-end and specific services. Our 100+ mobile expert technologists, our lab with 100+ mobile devices for development and testing and over fifteen years’ international experience in this field all ensure we offer an unrivalled portfolio of mobile solutions for different sectors and digital enablers around mobile.
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WL Cloud services

The Worldline Cloud is much more than just a technical cloud, it is the development of our hosting solutions. Thanks to Worldline’s recognized expertise in hosting and operating with highly sensitive data, this know-how is embedded in the Cloud offering. Worldline is compliant as well as certified by recognized market standards to guarantee high quality of service and security. Beyond the supply of infrastructures, Worldline supports its customers from end to end throughout the entire services’ value chain, including both in “cloud hosting” and in its customers' businesses.
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Trusted Digitisation services

Worldline Trusted Digitisation Services enable you to take the next step towards a more sustainable paperless society while massively enhancing your mission effectiveness. Decrease your CO2 footprint, cut costs, delight your citizens and increase your efficiency – what’s not to like?
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B2B payment

With a strong focus on a detailed analysis of the bill-to-cash process we have developed relevant functionalities that iron out persistent or recurring problems to ensure each key step of the process goes smoothly. WL Bill Pay & Match is an order-to-cash optimisation platform to facilitate B2B digital invoice presentation, allow electronic payments and automate reconciliation.
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Client testimonials


  “It’s the real omni-channel model. We will be able to ensure the processing of the requests within the day (…) it allows to facilitate the interactions between different businesses and also to be more efficient.”
Thierry Laborde
Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Head Of Domestic Markets BNP Paribas  
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"(…) this will be a game-changer for BNP Paribas Fortis, and the csc program will help us to transform the relationship between our bank and our customers, irrespective of their location or the way they contact us.”
Daniel De Clerck
Chief Operating Officer of BNP Paribas Fortis"
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