experts in e-ealth services including 1 physician


years expertise in digital healthcare


Shared Medical Files (DMP)


Electronic treatment forms through our Sesam Vitale platform

Business benefits for our customers

Improve patient
care quality

building complete, easily deployable and configurable patient-centred platforms to make care pathways more fluid

economic growth

by bringing frugal and scalable solutions with per usage fees

trust and security

by providing already proven highly secured solutions in compliance with health domain regulations


Large national platforms for storing, sharing & exchanging health data

We design, build and operate complex healthcare platforms based on existing core technical and business assets and solutions.

Patient health monitoring

Our connected Senior Care solution is an IoT platform, focused on elderly people that want to live independently at home, bringing tele-assistance support based on home sensors triggering emergency events.

Our patient follow-up solution

is a configurable and interoperable platform that smooths patient care pathway by bringing a digital patient file and telemonitoring services for multi-pathologies medical management.

Our patient support programs for pharma labs are fostering their direct relationship with patients (chronic disease) through enrolment, treatment follow up, tracking and data collection

Digital trust solutions

We deliver data health certified hosting solutions with a wide range of service levels, strong authentication using biometrics and secured health chips card management.

Data intelligence solutions

We support the implementation of health data hubs and data analysis services through Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Client testimonials


“Since 2017, Worldline, through its Santeos e-health activity, has been supporting the CNAM in the deployment and generalisation of the Shared Medical Record. This has resulted in the implementation of a robust national infrastructure, hosted and HDS-certified, capable of processing several million files that are interoperable with multiple third-party services. This constantly evolving platform complies in every respect with HDS and PGSSI-S data security and protection standards.”
Yvon Merliere, DMP mission Director (French shared medical record)


“For more than 5 years, Worldline has been developing, operating and hosting the Maela platform, our innovative digital patient engagement and monitoring solution, which helps healthcare institutions to optimize hospital stays and effectively manage patient relations remotely.

  Our technological partnership with Worldline allows us to rely on a trusted partner to build a multi-pathology solution that is flexible, scalable, secure and sufficiently ergonomic to be at the hand of healthcare professionals for the follow-up of their patients from consultation to full recovery.

  We are entering a new phase in our development with the signing of a partnership with the world leader in healthcare technology Medtronic, which distributes its Get Ready© programs worldwide via the Maela platform.   ”
Hubert Viot, CEO of Maela


“Dematerialising the patient and medical files was a great step forward that also helped our teams, who interact on the patient file from different locations, to evolve. The shared file is the strong point, with access to what all the professionals have written in it, according to our profiles and the rights given to us. The follow-up of the consultation is quite simple; we are not required to be at the PMI centre to access the data”
Paulina Pozo, Nurse PM-PF-PI at PMI center of Morsang-sur-Orge - CD91