WL Bill Pay & Match: Key benefits

Increase control over your receivables thanks to a highly efficient settlement process.
Strengthen your customer relationships.


Reduce your DSO
and overdue payments

  • Benefit from the new open banking payment services to accelerate your B2B payments. 
  • Be quickly and easily paid by your customers and give them payment facilitation mechanisms 
  • Be aware immediately when your customers agrees or disputes an invoice with the invoice validation feature

Reduce your collection
and operational costs

  • WL Bill Pay & Match offers a new payment service designed for your B2B activities. It also reduces costs for you and your customers through streamlined processes and less admin. 
  • The solution’s 100% automatic reconciliation minimises the number of interventions in the process.

Improve your customer relationships

  • Our large range of key services allow you to maintain a close relationship with your customers all along the order-to-cash process. 
  • Interactions are uneventful thanks to automated and customisable reminders.

WL Bill Pay & Match
Digital invoice settlement in action 

There can be many pain points all along the invoice settlement process. That’s why we have strongly focused our efforts on a detailed analysis of the bill-to-cash process. We have developed relevant functionalities that iron out persistent or recurring problems to ensure each key step of the process goes smoothly.


Key functionalities at each stage of the bill-to-cash process

WL Bill Pay & Match retrieves the invoice data from your ERP systems and manages the next steps:

Step 1

Invoice presentment Invoices are at the disposal of your customers via a secured web portal accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can consult and download ongoing invoices and view all history of operations. 

Step 2

Notifications and reminders WL Bill Pay & Match has a notification centre. You can customise automatic reminders and validation/payment requests. You can activate the validation feature to offer your customers the possibility to clearly validate invoices, triggering the dispute management as soon as possible.

Step 3

Payment By adopting WL Bill Pay & Match you offer your customers different payment mechanisms such as: the possibility to pay only part of the invoice, to pay several invoices at one time, to set up a payment plan, etc.
Then, you invite them to pay by using different payment means: 

  • !NEW! Open banking credit transfer with PIS (Payment Initiation Services)– this allows credit transfer initiation on behalf of the payer in a seamless journey. 
  • SEPA direct debit 
  • Credit card 

Step 4

Reconciliation Once the payment is made, WL Bill Pay & Match automatically reconciles first the invoice and the payment and then the payment and the bank funds. With this service you are able to issue reconciliation reports using your financial systems and have a better overview of cash/funds received. 

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WL Bill Pay & Match
is also a Request to Pay service

With WL Bill Pay & Match you automatically benefit from a Request to Pay service.

By managing the permanent link between invoices and payments, WL Bill Pay & Match gives you the opportunity to achieve all the aims of Request to Pay such as: streamlining your order-to-cash process, continuous contact with your customers, offering relevant payment means and accelerating cash entry.

Once your invoices are uploaded, your customers will automatically receive secure notifications by e-mail or SMS to invite them to pay. Your customers will have the range of options that are available with Request to Pay for how they want to meet their payment obligations.

Pay as you are paid – a pricing model based on paid invoices

Fix transaction prices (per paid invoice) with a minimum of monthly fees (including a number of transactions) and a one-time service access fee

To facilitate your launch of this service, our  win-win pricing model gives you the time and the flexibility you need to optimise your collections and bring your payers onto your WL Bill Pay & Match platform.

You can integrate as many customers as you want without any impact on the service costs.

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