boom: Key benefits

Next generation monitoring for highly dynamic IT and IoT environments 

Complete IT visibility

Cover every blind spot from Cloud-to-edge by monitoring remote objects, services and applications on all levels with boom.

Improved business processes

boom reduces IT complexity by translating technical data to meaningful information, helping you improve business processes and service continuity.

Full-stack monitoring enabler

Bring an end to IT silos! boom allows an easy and straightforward integration with other monitoring tools. The solution offers a high level of flexibility so that you gain an holistic overview of your environments.


With boom you can be in control of anything connected 



  • Get a comprehensive view of your business technology environment


  • Get a clear view of your IT and IoT data


  • Monitor your assets proactively

Today, companies need to ensure the best service quality and minimise the costs of service assurance and delivery. Being competitive means staying ahead of change and managing complexity in IT infrastructure. This complexity results from the heterogeneity and evolution of the hardware and software landscape, with a higher adoption of dynamic, hybrid and cloud-native architectures. One failure among large numbers of dependencies could mean lost revenue and a damaged company reputation.

Boom is a powerful operations management solution that makes IT monitoring easy and allows you to keep up with the ever-changing IT environment and distributed infrastructure. Consolidate large, heterogeneous environments and multiple tools into a single and transparent management solution. Together with strong automation capabilities, boom’s powerful filtering and correlation engine allows operation leaders to enhance efficiency by quickly determining root cause, reducing the number of incidents and pinpointing hot spots in the environment. This means you can save time and focus on performance insights.


boom provides a set of features enabling the optimised monitoring of any “thing” 



boom consists of three components: server, user-interface and agents. The agents collect the required data, which is prepared for the appropriate heterogeneity and complexity in terms of hosts, operating systems, applications, devices/appliances and services. The agents’ embedded intelligence and autonomous monitoring capabilities ensure the collection and the distributed pre-processing of valuable management information. This includes the execution of corrective actions and the forwarding of management information to the management server. The pre-processing and filtering ensure that only important data is sent to the boom management server. The agents can even act like a monitoring station to monitor items remotely (agentless), if the installation of agents is not possible or not desired.


All of this happens with minimal network traffic and system resources and without interfering with the performance of your IT environment. You gain benefits such as proactive monitoring and immediate alerts. Automatic as well as preconfigured responses and problem-oriented advice allow incidents to be detected and resolved quickly and before getting out of hand. You also benefit from improved response times and ensure the compliance of the Service Level Agreements (SLA).