Securely and efficiently manage third party remote access to your machines.



On-board a new machine and associated remote services from any supplier in minutes.


Enable suppliers to safely connect to their machines using tools based on given permissions and roles without any view of the underlying security & network parameters.


Simple software installation on machine or gateway. Flexible API to integrate with Enterprise IT & IoT/Data Analytics platforms. Supports most remote configuration, collaboration and repair tools.


Connect any machine from any environment involving multiple remote users.

Secure remote machine access at every level

Now that more and more industrial machines and OT systems are exposed to the outside world, critical infrastructures no longer benefit from a limited attack surface. As service providers and partners are increasingly given access to a company’s network nowadays, critical infrastructures become more vulnerable to cyber threats. Discover how WL Digital Doorman can reduce the risks associated with remote user access to critical systems.


WL Digital Doorman is a secure remote access solution which provides owners of sensitive and highly critical environments, such as factories, hospitals or industrial sites, with the tools to easily manage and provide secure connectivity to remote third parties and platforms. The solution is purpose-built for just-in-time access so that remote users are assigned the right permissions to carry out specific tasks to designated machines over a limited period of time.

WL Digital Doorman offers a simple-to-use web interface that enables administrators to connect any machine or Industrial Control System to known suppliers in just one click, without compromising the company’s security policy.

Once a remote connection is established, a secure data tunnel is established for one purpose only. A detailed audit trail is then provided for each remote session to maintain full transparency and control over who accessed what, when and for what purpose. In case of a compromised session, it can be instantly blocked using the “Red button” functionality.

WL Digital Doorman ensures the highest protection level against cybersecurity threats due to its compliance with the ISA/IEC 62443 standards. Applying zero trust principles for third parties is a guarantee for critical infrastructures to ensure productivity and business continuity.


Watch this video for a quick overview of WL Digital Doorman,
the secure connectivity platform for industrial, business critical environments.


Dave Leighton, Head of IT at Siemens, said: “Siemens is a leader in digital transformation and our Congleton factory is considered to be a ‘lighthouse’ facility - showcasing new technologies. In this context, secure management with full traceability and revocability of our service partners’ digital access is critical for optimum process efficiency and seamless operations. After an incredibly smooth pilot phase at Congleton, we are in production now and hope to recommend the solution to other Siemens industrial sites in the UK.”

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Due to security concerns, 85% of machines in industrial environments remain unconnected.
Discover how WL Digital Doorman can help you overcome security issues and accelerate digital transformation.


The risks and problems that WL Digital Doorman addresse

  • High complexity of handling different supplier tunnels with different protocols
  • Time consuming setup
  • High risk of security leaks depending on the number of suppliers and protocols
  • High effort required to manage suppliers’ access depending on changes by the suppliers’ IT
  • Difficult to control supplier access, especially on user leve
  • Impossible to interrupt suspicious traffic
  • Difficult to document who, when, or for what purpose someone was on the system
  • Exposed network access as external technicians know how to access your machine once they have established a VPN

Features and benefits of WL Digital Doorman

  • Machines stay hidden from the internet
  • Reduced attack surface with integrated firewall/antivirus and file encryption
  • One central connectivity hub for advanced user management
  • Easily define all supplier permissions, access and connectivity policies
  • Easy administration for non-IT staff
  • Red/Green button functionality to interrupt or give system access on demand
  • Full transparency of actions carried out by integrated audit trai
  • Significantly reduced operational costs due to the improved connectivity processes


Developed over a decade to meet the highest security
and machine management expectations of our industrial clients





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