WL Mobile and Web digital solutions: KEY BENEFITS

Worldline’s Centre of Excellence provides key competences and assets with an experienced and skilled team,
to cover the entire mobile/web development lifecycle. We have our own assets and Mobile Framework.


Our Team

  • +100 experts in technology and business, mostly engineers and young digital natives
  • 25 Scrum certificates including Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Developers
  • 9 ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified members of our Testing & QA team

Our Technological Capabilities

  • Covering the entire mobile/web application lifecycle: Conceptualisation > UX & Design > Development > Testing & QA > Maintenance
  • We are at the cutting edge and continuously update to new technologies in the market

Our tools

  • Mobile Framework allowing high competitiveness and quality
  • Laboratory with +100 devices for development & testing


Our extensive know-how and experience in mobile and web technologies allows us to offer to our clients customised digital projects
and Agile methodology-based services to meet their business needs.

There are some key challenges that prompt companies to outsource mobile/web services:

  • Resolve extreme complexity to manage several apps/webs lifecycle: requirements, development, publication, maintenance, etc. 
  • Meet users’ expectations of having a high performance, secure, and optimal user experience at reasonable costs.
  • Ensure a smooth global rollout in different languages and multi-branding customised apps/webs for international customers.
  • Stay at the cutting edge of technology with scalable apps/webs that always use the best technical approach.


We can use our expertise, Agile methodology and assets to help companies achieve the desired quality, time to market and cost optimisation.

We cover the whole development lifecycle:

User Experience Design with the conceptualisation and the design of the user experience.

Software Development in multi-technology.

Testing & QA ensuring the quality of the digital products.

Publication & Maintenance during the lifetime of the apps/webs.


Our technological capabilities are permanently updated in:

  • Design Thinking and UX Design process and tools. 
  • Development technologies for native, hybrid, responsive, frontend and server, covering a wide range of different devices: mobile, tablet, desktop, smartwatch, payment terminals, smartTV, etc. 
  • Testing Automation and Continuous Integration.


As well as Customised Projects for mobile & web, we offer a Technical Office service to assist clients in the management of the complexity of their apps/webs ecosystem with our robust and proven methodology.

And for those clients who need support in the discovery or definition of new digital products, we can offer our Innovation Services:

  • Innovation Session: a session with an agreed agenda of technologies, solutions, or innovative topics of interest to the client business. 
  • Discovery Workshop: a workshop to address one or more use cases and how to solve them at the technology level, business model, etc. 
  • Co-creation Workshop: a workshop to work on the definition, prototyping and product backlog of a digital solution for a specific challenge. 
  • Co-Innovation Lab: a joint lab to identify, prototype and test the technical and functional feasibility of one or more proofs of concept/value for the client.


icn_mobile-phone_transparent_dark-grey_w256.png Terminal
 Digital channels (mobile, web, SmartTV, etc.)  Payment terminals (Android development)  IoT devices  Wearables  Blockchain development  Augmented Reality  AI/Machine Learning, Chatbots


A Mobile Framework that stands out from the crowd by allowing for high competitiveness and quality.


Our Mobile Framework includes tools, libraries, reusable components, templates, as well as a proven methodology and good practices.

The Mobile Framework operates on the three stages of software development: UX Design, Development and Testing.

Thanks to the Mobile Framework our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduction of development costs and competitive prices 
  • Reduction of development time (better time-to-market) 
  • Increase in perceived quality and user satisfaction

OUR Device Lab

Laboratory with 100+ devices for development & testing


  • Lab with more than 100 devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, IoT devices, etc.).  

            o We cover ~95% versions and sizes.  
            o Updated regularly.

  • Device farm with Android devices connected.
  • Orchestrator (Jenkins) to schedule automated jobs.
  • Most used tools in the industry for testing and automation.

our clients


Example of Success case: Barcelona city council Mobile Technical Office
Management of Barcelona city apps since 2013

The Challenge:

Barcelona City Council, due to the high number of mobile applications available for citizens, required the services provided by a Mobile Technical Office to maintain existing apps, evolve them with new features as well as other actions such as promoting these apps and managing the different providers.

Our Solution:

  • Dedicated team providing a comprehensive service that includes:
  • Management and prioritisation of the demand for mobile services to correctly execute its implementation.
  • Organisation and control of ongoing and future projects and services concerning mobile applications for the city. 
  • Test, publication and maintenance of applications.
  • Contribution to promotion and communication either internal (interested parties of the city of Barcelona in different areas) or external (citizens and visitors).