WL Tap 2 Use brings benefits for end users, transport operators and transport authorities.


End users

  • Fast access, seamless and safe multimodal journeys 
  • Best-value fares 
  • Integrated payment through one single account

Transport operators

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased ridership
  • Financial optimisation

Transport authority

  • Integrated mobility services
  • Improved connectivity of transport network
  • Enhanced audit and control processes
  • Targeted marketing


We are living in a fast-changing world that is witnessing ever increasing urbanisation. Over half of the world’s population now lives in cities and by 2050, this number will increase to two-thirds. Our cities also represent a large proportion of economic activity with over 80% of global economic activity taking place in cities and megacities (cities of more than 10 million inhabitants).

All this represents a massive challenge as public authorities attempt to provide mobility services able to cope with increased demand, ecological concerns and the constraints of safety and available space.

In order to meet this challenge, it is not only a question of increasing transport infrastructure. It is also necessary for public authorities to safely streamline and simplify access to existing multimodal means of transport, combining public and private means.



of commuters say the complexity of choosing the right fare and ticket constrains their use of public transport.*

* The Future of transportation - Visa, 2019


of commuters would use more public transport if it was easier to pay.*

* Xerox, 2014


increase in contactless transactions for transit fares between April and June 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis

* Visa everywhere blog, 2020


Major transport trends such as Open Payment and Mobility-as-a-Service require a solution than can handle payment, ticketing and ID digitisation. The expertise of Worldline in payment and relevant regulations is a key success factor in meeting today’s transport needs.

WL Tap 2 Use makes travelling around the city faster and simpler, allowing users to plan, access and pay for multimodal journeys more conveniently. The solution provides a seamless payment experience for transport users.


The WL Tap 2 Use solution combines Worldline’s best assets with over 40 years of expertise in Transport and Payments.

The solution consists of independent modules that can be combined to manage modular or end-to-end implementations for contactless EMV Open Payment, Account Based Ticketing and Mobility-as-a-Service solutions. These solutions include features such as mobility account, fare calculation, risk management, transaction processing, pre and post payments, clearing and settlement and passenger portal, among others.

WL Tap 2 Use is flexible and can be tailored to meet clients’ needs. It is based on the latest technologies and open APIs to ensure easy integration with both existing and new systems.

The solution is PCI certified and compliant with the Mass Transit Transaction (MTT) card scheme’s payment rules.

WL Tap 2 Use is a proven solution that is already live in several cities in both Open Payment and Mobility-as-a-Service use cases. Its first implementation was as an Open Payment solution in Dijon, where WL Tap 2 Use has been in use since April 2018.

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From Open Payment to MaaS, WL Tap 2 Use is currently a solution promoted in Europe and Latin America with core markets
in France, Spain, UK&I, Germany, Austria, Argentina and Chile. WL Tap 2 Use is already live in several cities in France.


The Greater Paris Region on the way to the next generation of ticketing

Smart Navigo is a digitization programme of the public transport network in the city of Paris and Île-de-France region that aims to make commuting easier for the residents as well as for the millions of visitors each year. In order to accomplish this, Worldline was selected to deliver the next generation of transport ticketing and payment solution.
Read our Greater Paris Region case study ›

Dijon, first Open Payment service in France

Worldline has launched a new mobility solution that brings innovative payment technology to the public transport network of the city of Dijon. Today, citizens and visitors benefit from Worldline’s Tap 2 Use which enables them to easily and conveniently access and pay for rides using various contactless means.

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WL Tap 2 Use accompanies users throughout their entire transport experience, from planning their travel itinerary to accessing
and paying for their journeys using EMV contactless cards or other media.



  • Single user account with multiple identifiers


  • Integration of multiple mobility service providers


  • Revenue apportionment and settlement


  • Multi-modal journey planning through 3rd parties


  • PCI and MTT certified