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WL Traceability for Authorities

Combatting illicit trade activities is of the highest importance for ensuring the collection of tax revenues, the efficiency of trade facilitation policies and an excellent customs reputation. It also helps protect consumers from threats to their health and safety. The implementation of  the right technology solutions is an efficient and cost effective way to substantially and sustainably reduce the illicit trade and smuggling of the most targeted products, while also keeping the financial and resource burden for economic operators at a minimum.

Our Traceability Suites for Authorities allow you to meet these challenges, improve tax collection processes for excisable products and prevent illicit trade activities. 

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WL Traceability for Manufacturers

Our traceability solution addresses a number of trends in society that have a major impact on manufacturing companies. The steep increase in counterfeiting and contraband across the globe can result in a severely damaged brand image and in revenue loss for manufacturers. When it comes to the growing consumer demand for sustainable, healthy and equitable products, we believe that if manufacturers can provide transparent information about the origins of their products and about their supply chain, they can leverage this demand to create a competitive advantage. Another trend we see is that in many countries, legislators are implementing traceability schemes that protect their citizens against illicit products. As a result, manufacturers need to comply with these regulations in order to safeguard their access to the market.

Our Traceability Suites for Manufacturers allow you to not only face the challenges represented by these trends, but also to benefit fully from the opportunities that they create.

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