Citizen Protection Suite: Key benefits 

Protect your citizens by combating counterfeit and smuggling and minimising risks to their jobs and health as a result of products that are issued from unapproved sales channels. Worldline is your trusted partner with highly scalable traceability solutions and hosting services tailored to your needs.



  • Equip customs agents with devices and tools to help them distinguish genuine and fake products in real time 
  • Identify products on which duty taxes are not duly paid as soon as they are scanned 
  • Accelerate investigations thanks to secured and traced identifiers 
  • Increase seizure volumes and discourage counterfeiters. 


  • Define the moments when products need to be traced during their journey and our suite will adapt
  • Decide to add new gates to follow the products’ journey and our suite will adapt automatically
  • Experiment with new families of traced products and enlarge them without any software modification
  • Start quickly and enrich the targeted products ’ traceability , as long as you gain the adherence of the entire supply chain.


  • Build the reports you really need and add new ones according to the investigation’s needs
  • Cross the data source to spot the origin of fraud
  • Reveal unsuspected fraud sources thanks to the datamining .


Our solution allows authorities to tackle the counterfeit and smuggling challenges without increasing the number of customs agents. The solution facilitates their work and enables them to spot more unauthorised products, resulting in a high increase of the volumes seized and a reduction in the risk of authorised products being spoiled for citizens.


  • Protect citizens by combatting illicit trade


  • Designed to increase customs authorities’ efficiency


  • Modular and extensible service


  • Hosting by Worldline
    or on-premise

The Citizen Protection Suite enables authorities to protect citizens against counterfeiting and smuggling damages. The suite achieves this objective thanks to a unique combination of tools distributed with a highly scalable traceability solution.

Owing to a smart and very adaptive approach, the suite allows authorities to monitor the journey of any kind of product. It enables authorities to firstly spot products at high risk of counterfeit and smuggling such as tobacco and alcohol and then continue to expand the type of goods, such as luxury products.

The suite comes with a serialisation engine that enables authorities to distribute unique and secured serialisation codes to manufacturers who are producing goods that authorities want to monitor closely. Further steps in the goods’ journey can also be shared with our suite including any additional relevant data (including, for example, importation certificate, stakeholders, invoices, validators).

Where a customs agent or even a consumer has any doubt, it is possible to scan the code and validate the integrity of the inspected product. Indeed, the system will retrieve the full history of the product and that will determine whether or not the product is genuine.

The icing on the cake is that authorities will be also able to extend this suite with our Tax Control Suite. This way, authorities will be able to set specific taxes on the traced goods and ensure that no parallel contraband market is decreasing the tax revenue. On the citizen side, preventing counterfeiting and smuggling helps increase your citizens’ safety as well as preserve their jobs.

Tobacco Products Directive

Worldline is the leading traceability actor in the European Tobacco Product Directive:
our Repository Systems help authorities fight illicit trade.

We cover the traceability of 60% of the cigarettes on the European market. 
Id Issuer on behalf of authorities in 4 countries:


The Citizen Protection Suite comes with a wide set of tools that enable authorities to hinder the distribution of counterfeited and contraband goods. 
Each tool comes with powerful features that can be dedicated to any user profile (ministries, custom agents or even the citizens themselves).



  • Product marking with our secured copy-proof marking method, adapted to the traced products. We are able to authenticate the genuineness and the origin of distributed goods and denounce those that are counterfeit.


  • Entire goods’ journey monitoring makes it possible for any authorised person to identify a product origin.


  • Reports and dedicated alerts provided by our suite are essential for helping you build statistics and support the fight against counterfeiting and smuggling


  • Mobile application and dedicated devices are also provided to allow on-the-field interrogation by authorised persons



Worldline’s solution to combat counterfeit and smuggling 

A key factor in the success of this solution is that this suite combines a serialisation engine, a central repository and powerful data analytics tools.

Boost your customs inspectors’ efficiency with our dedicated assets

By providing powerful tools to customs inspectors, our solution will leverage their efficiency and result in a significant increase in the seizure of illicit goods. 

The less time an agent spends on an inspection, the more suspect goods they are able to deal with.

This is why our suite allows customs agents to consult in real time the goods’ history and when necessary, request more details to uncover fake identifiers.