Digital Identity: KEY BENEFITS

Our solutions offer a trusted, compliant and efficient way to transform the natural identity of a user
into their user account within seconds and unambiguously. This means that the user’s integrity is always protected.



Commonly accepted, interoperable, value-driven

Matching regulations


Meeting User Expectations

Available and Mobile, seamless and convenient

Digital Identity

Digital Identity solutions from Worldline are built to meet compliance requirements.
Our expertise in the PSD2 and eIDAS regulations is key to achieving the right level of trust for customer digital identity.


Our solutions allow the public sector and the banking industry, as well as other businesses, to define and manage their identity schemes. Individuals can use Worldline Digital Identity solutions to authenticate in many cases, to get access rights, to provide granted personal data and to apply a digital signature.

Our Digital Identity portfolio is composed of these offerings:

  • WL ID Center, from enrolment to creation of digital ID, implementing life-cycle management and strong authentication.
  • ID Proofing, for efficient ID verification and consistency controls, from anywhere at any time.
  • ID Broker, for cost-effective integration of multiple IDs and ID providers.
  • WL Trusted Authentication, adding highly secure smartphone-based strong authentication to the digital identity.


Together with our Trusted Services solutions, which include electronic signature and electronic archiving, WL Digital Identity constitutes an end-to-end portfolio for all B2B and B2C relations, in private or public context, and ensures full confidence between parties.

Trusted identities and secure authentication with WL ID Center

WL ID Center provides standardised identity provider interfaces (SAML2.0) for excellent interoperability with numerous digital services.
The architecture implements the Level of Assurance (LoA) concepts.

Authentication methods and strengths have been asserted towards internationally respected standards (PSD2 and NIST Digital Identity Guidelines).
WL ID Center has proven to scale up to millions of users and to provide rock-solid reliable services.

The solution can transform the natural identity of a user into their user account within seconds and unambiguously.


  • Fast user switching in hospitals


  • Workflow authorisation


  • Electronic signature usage for pharmaceutical industries


  • Enterprise Workplace


  • Biometric ticket validation


  • Commercial and Public eID infrastructure

WL ID Center uses biometric characteristics or ID tokens (FIDO2 tokens and smart cards), or a combination of the two, for maximum security. The solution also enables authentication by means of one-time passwords or can be combined with WL Trusted Authentication to offer a highly secure smartphone-based digital identity with strong authentication. Our WL ID Center solution also significantly reduces the volume of help desk calls and ensures compliance with government regulations concerning the protection of sensitive data.

With the WL ID Center you can replace unsecure and inconvenient passwords as a way to increase both security and usability.


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See WL ID Center in Action

See how the application works in the video provided by one of our clients in Austria

Reduce fraud with identity verification
using WL e-identity solution

WL e-identity solution is based on services from market leading specialist providers and offers the initial
and critical identification required for further successful business relations.
Our solutions are compliant with eIDAS, GDPR, AMLD and local regulations and help reduce fraud
while providing a positive user experience.


  • Matching regulations



  • Meeting user expectations


  • Global Digital Ecosystems


  • Trustworthy by Digital Identity

WL e-identity allows you to conveniently verify people’s identity before accounts and credentials are issued to them. The solution uses highly available processes, from anywhere and at any time:

  • Remote self-registration based on ID document images (selfie with match one-to-one vs. picture on the ID document, liveness detection). 
  • Face-to-face verification of ID evidence. 
  • Video conference with trained and authorised operators.

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Stay on top of identity requests with WL ID Broker

Enabling access to multiple types of identities (IDs) and ID providers.


  • Multiple IDs and ID providers


  • Managing Levels of Assurance


  • Efficient integration of various eIDs

The ID Broker solution handles the complexity of identity requests by:

  • Managing and connecting to multiple and international ID providers, including management of their offers and Levels of Assurance 
  • Splitting identity requests into multiple identity requests towards various ID providers 
  • Proposing a white label “identity page” to facilitate the integration for the attached service providers 
  • Validating an existing digital identities with the right Level of Assurance


WL Trusted Authentication

Additional authentication based on smartphone application or via browser.


  • Multi-purpose and multi-device, cross channel


  • PSD2 compliant


  • Evolutive & industrialised

Our Trusted Authentication solution offers efficient, user-friendly and trustworthy authentication based on common regulations, supported by features such as:

  • Process to authenticate a person by means of previously registered enrolment credentials 
  • Logon/password 
  • One time passwords, e-mails, SMS, hard and soft tokens 
  • Biometric features 
  • Mobile authentication
  • Video authentication

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