Comply with European Regulations
Thanks to Worldline‘s Trusted Services

Worldline’s Trusted Services stand for first class performance in digitisation processes and are fully compliant with standards
such as eIDAS, GDPR, AMLD as well as local regulations.


Our solutions are based on data processing located in Europe.

Our Trusted Services comprise two offerings:

  • Electronic signatures for efficient paperless workflows, legally recognised
  • Electronic archiving to meet legal requirements, according to current high standards (NF 461 / NF Z 42-013 / ISO 14641-1)


Together with our Digital Identity and ID Proofing solutions, Worldline’s Trusted Services constitute an end-to-end portfolio for all B2B and B2C relations, in private or public contexts, and ensure full confidence between parties.

Improve your customer subscription journey
with WL e-contract

The WL e-contract solution helps achieve a quick return on investment with increased sales opportunities
thanks to a new 24/7 digital channel. Our solution also drastically cuts cost by replacing paper records
with digital management, while ensuring total traceability for legal value.


Multi-device, multi-technology


  • Reduced deadlines, eliminating paper-based steps


  • Increased revenue thanks to improved transformation rate



  • Legally binding signature (eIDAS compliant)


  • Highly customisable workflow

Why Worldline:

  • Worldline Certified Authority is declared on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), which means that any document signed by Worldline can be auto-validated by Adobe Reader adding trust in the signature. 
  • Worldline is a Qualified Trust Service Provider for timestamping (according to eIDAS). 
  • Worldline hosts and processes data in Europe. 
  • Worldline has the regulatory expertise and international presence to support its clients every step of the way.

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Worldline partners with Adobe Sign for a comprehensive electronic signature solution

An exclusive partnership between two leading technology companies to offer an intuitive, complete and seamless electronic signature experience with strong legal value.

Our partnership with Adobe Sign means that Worldline provides one of the most comprehensive tools for online contracting.
We will help you get e-documents signed faster while also offering more advanced features, such as:

  • Automatic workflow, 
  • Bulk signing, 
  • Form templates, etc. 


The partnership is also eIDAS compliant and manages different levels of signatures.

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Protect your electronic documents
with full confidence with WL e-archiving

WL e-archiving is customised to meet your business needs. Awarded on the basis on our flawless solution,
the NF 461 certification guarantees compliance with the NF Z 42-013 and ISO 14641-1 standards.



  • Cloud service, independence vs. suppliers


  • Cost reduction


  • Compliance with standards and regulations


  • High availability


  • Ease of administration and flexible configuration

Electronic archiving is a pressing topic for many private and public organizations.

The WL e-archiving solution enables you to make the most of dematerialisation as a strong lever to speed up workflow procedures and drastically cut costs. Our WL e-archiving solution is a means to maintain access to this informational dematerialized content, while meeting the challenges posed by long-period preservation such as:

  • Reliance on a strong organisation to guarantee access to information in the long term. 
  • Capability to adapt to technology evolutions, i.e. document formats, storage capacity, etc. 
  • Compliance with evolving legal constraints regulating dematerialization procedures and document preservation. These legal constraints vary according to country, with increasing security requirements over time. Archiving must maintain the legal value of documents for the whole preservation period.
  • Guaranteed security and access traceability for archived information. 


The WL e-archiving solution is very different than a classical storage approach or an Electronic Document Management solution, which only offers a limited part of the required functionalities.

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Customer testimonial 

Listen to Bram Lerouge - General Manager of Doccle - explain how his innovative company simplifies the way end-users handle their digital administration. It includes one central place for secure storage in the Private Cloud for all Belgian citizens, which cuts the cost of sending paper and provides value added services such as alerts and payment. 


WL e-archiving in practice

Our solution can be seen in various business sectors, both in private as well as public services. 


How our clients benefit from WL e-archiving


  Archiving of audit trails on an HDS (Health Data Hosting) archiving platform based on Worldline software assets. Since 2001.


  Archiving of audio, email and chat conversations using our Worldline shared Contact Center platform. Since 2019.