WL Cloud Services: Key benefits

Beyond the supply of infrastructures, Worldline supports its clients from end to end throughout
the entire services’ value chain, including both in cloud hosting and in its clients’ businesses.

Time to market
and automation

WL Cloud Services enable fast service and application deployments while ensuring rapid time to market. Worldline’s cloud platforms also allow high scalability capabilities to fit with the application needs. Automation process and the Infra as Code concept are compliant with WL Cloud Services. Tools such as Terraform and Ansible are frequently used to manage WL Cloud Services.

Data sovereignty
and security

Worldline’s Cloud Services are carried out entirely in Europe. Our data centres and our teams are all are located in Europe and fully compliant with European requirements and regulations, including the GDPR. Worldline’s cloud solutions are highly secured and compliant with several certifications, including ISO 27001, SecNumCloud and HDS, with PCI certification in progress.

as a partner

Worldline’s Cloud Services offer secured cloud solutions as well as customised additional services and support. Worldline teams adapt to our clients’ needs. Worldline is focused on client requirements and our contract models can be adapted to accommodate client constraints.


Worldline supports its clients’ digital transformations
through its expertise in high-performance cloud solutions which guarantee data protection.


While next generation cloud solutions are necessary tools in any digital transformation strategy, they are not sufficient on their own. The use of cloud services must also be supported by a transformation process that will maximise value creation. Worldline’s outsourced hosting solution guarantees:

  • Compliance with quality and security standards 
  • Autonomy of deployment to respond almost instantly to a company's new needs 
  • An agility to innovate 
  • An investment proportional to its consumption (payment per use or volume). 


As the undisputed leader in the payment and transaction services sector in Europe and a certified host for sensitive data, Worldline has been providing genuine expertise in hosting solutions for over 40 years. With 10 years’ experience in virtualisation, Worldline offers the implementation of secure Cloud Services while ensuring smooth high-performance outsourcing and guaranteeing data protection.

Beyond the simple supply of infrastructure, Worldline supports its clients from end to end throughout the entire value chain of services, both for hosting and for its clients’ businesses. A team is dedicated throughout the project in order to support the client and ensure that their experience is seamless.


VMware cloud platforms provide IaaS and PaaS services to our clients



  • Shared or private platforms


  • Compliant with automation tools


  • Adaptable cloud catalogue


  • Pay-as-you-use model


  • No vendor lock-in for easy reversibility process

WL Cloud Services use VMware vCloud suite. This referenced solution on the market, perfected by Worldline over many years, contributes to a natural evolution of the cloud to suit our clients’ needs while allowing us to provide them with Secured IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Worldline, as the European leader in the payment and transactional services sector, is aware of the need for stability and resilience of cloud hosting solutions. As a result, WL Cloud Services solutions are designed to meet these needs natively. Whether at the level of data centres (strong resilience in terms of network connectivity and power supply), physical servers used as hypervisors, network and storage equipment or virtualisation solutions, Worldline has chosen robust and reputable solutions or suppliers. Some VMware solutions are also specifically designed to manage high availability of the infrastructure. This is the case, for example, with the VMWare High Availability and vMotion solutions used on ours platforms. More than 30,000 virtual machines are deployed on these platforms and host critical services of our clients.

Worldline is highly focused on cloud reversibility and on the ability of clients to recover their data easily. WL Cloud Services solutions use open source components or market standards products such as VMware. This ensures that there is no cloud supplier lock-in from which client data extraction could be difficult or impossible in an exit phase.

The solution also ensures full compliance regarding cloud tools market standards and, more precisely, automation tools that use cloud API. Automation tools and API allow the implementation of Infra as Code concept. Our solution is compatible with automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible, which support codifying the description of the infrastructure and automating infrastructure deployment. Once the infrastructure is codified, reversibility is easier because platforms can be rebuilt very quickly on another cloud provider using the same automation mechanisms. Worldline recommends that its clients use this Infra as Code concept.

Maximum flexibility with
Red Hat Openshift cloud platforms

WL Cloud Services use a Red Hat Openshift solution to provide Secured CaaS (Containers as a Service)
and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions based on containers.



  • Shared or private platforms


  • Integrated CI/CD process


  • Integrated auto-scaling functionalities


  • Pay-as-you-use model


  • No vendor lock-in for easy reversibility process

The Red Hat OpenShift solution is a complete containerised application platform that natively integrates Docker and Kubernetes technologies (a powerful container management and orchestration system), as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

OpenShift facilitates a microservice-oriented architecture that allows a significant decoupling of the different services. Each microservice can be:

  • designed and coded independently 
  • built independently 
  • tested independently 
  • deployed independently.


The CaaS solution offers services that make it more than just a container orchestrator. Its ecosystem allows, for example, access and rights management for different projects, automatic scalability policies, different mechanisms for impact-free deployment and the implementation of automatic tasks or the management of data stores.

Openshift manages the different versions of the products used or applications through a registry (a library of container images). It can store and share images to be used for building applications or images already built to be deployed on the platform.


Deploying Worldline’s recognised expertise in hosting and operating very high-sensitivity services, WL Cloud Services offers clients this extensive know-how with a commitment to providing its clients with secured cloud solutions that are compliant with major certifications.


ISO 27001

The WL Cloud Services offering is certified ISO 27001. This ensures the efficiency of Worldline information security management system.

Health Data Hosting

The WL Cloud Services offering is certified to host health data. Worldline is certified for all available perimeters (1 to 6).



The WL Cloud Services - Secured IaaS asset is qualified SecNumCloud. This covers requirements relating to the cloud computing service provider, its staff and the service workflow.

PCI (in progress)

The WL Cloud Services offering is in the process of being certified PCI to host banking data. This guarantees that the processing, storage or transmission of banking information is carried out in full compliance.


  Worldline has successfully supported RTE's IT department in the implementation of a catalogue of Cloud services, which complements our internal service offers. These services now cover all types of on-demand VMs, object storage, website hosting, on-demand containers, etc. They are used for applications as diverse as geolocation information for our electrical facilities, institutional communication, real-time network constraint studies and up to D-2 as well as remote reading of electricity metres on board trains.